People have many different motivations for wanting to learn Japanese. Here are some of the most popular reasons:

Japanese Culture – Many people love the culture and decide to study the language to help get a more complete understanding of everything. One thing you will find in your studies is that much of the language, from certain expressions to the way sentences are formed, reflects the culture.

Business – While many businessmen throughout the country speak English, you will often get preferential treatment if you are able to speak with them in their native language — especially if you’re actually physically doing business in Japan.

Love of Languages – Some people study languages “just because.” After all, who says you even need a reason?

Anime – Anime continues to become more and more popular all over the world. As such, some fans learn Japanese so they can understand the shows in their original form, rather than having to settle for subtitled versions.

Meet Japanese Women/Men – If you want to date someone in a particular country, learning their language probably won’t hurt your chances!

Heritage – Some people have Japanese ancestry but never mastered the language as a child and so now they choose to learn it to get in touch with their roots and possibly communicate with relatives.

Of course, there are 100s of other reasons, but these are some of the most popular!